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Some of our machineries

Welcome to the Official site of the Johnny Kelle Farms Limited.

Watch the video to get the full view of our Palm Oil factory/facility in Abia State, Nigeria.

Our Products

Our Fatory is poised with various machinery to help with the processing and production of Oil Palm products.

You must not miss reading these concerning our major products

The Importance of Palm Oil to your Health

Palm Oil is a natural source of Vitamin E which is essential for good health. It is also a great source of vitamin A which is so important for good eyesight that we all desire...

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Chemical Composition of Palm Oil

Palm oil, unlike other vegetable oils, contain equal amounts of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Crude Palm oil is chemically composed of the following:

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Chemical Composition of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel oil contains short and medium length Glycerides similar to those present in Butter. Evidently, however, the composition and the sudes of palm oil are quite different from that of the Palm Kernel oil and any other vegetable oil...

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At Johnny Kelle Farms, we develop the following the ranges of high quality products through the Plantation, Cultivation and Manufacturing and Processing division of the farm

  • palm kernel

    Palm Kernel(PK)

    palm seedlings

    Palm Seedlings(PS)

    palm kernel

    Palm Fruits(PF)

    palmkernel cake

    Palm Kernel Cake(PKC)

    A major part of poultry feeds

    palm kernel oil

    Palm Kernel Oil (PKO)

    Crude Palm Oil